Dear Friend,

On August 13, 1984 my life was wonderfully transformed. My daughter
Victoria, a person with disabilities was born. At first this meant
fighting for her physical survival and then fighting against her
exclusion from opportunities her friends without disabilities
enjoyed. Victoria and I fought for her access to playgrounds, pre-
school, and kindergarten through high school. We fought for her
access to worship, recreation, and socialization. We carried on to
post-secondary inclusion at a fine university. Then came “the real
world” and the forces excluding her there were the most formidable

Our experiences over the past 22 years have crystallized my thinking. I believe the single most debilitating factor limiting people with disabilities is not their disability, but their image in mainstream media. When profiled, they remain objects of extreme pity or extreme inspiration. This image is not one of their choosing. As long as others define you, you do not exist.

As I write this letter, there is no mainstream television channel in the world addressing the needs of and targeting people with disabilities as viewers, consumers and participants. I resolve to change that by creating , an inclusive media outlet that defines all people by their talents and the quality of their stories, rather than by disability; a place where Victoria and everyone else can work in a universally designed workplace with a welcoming, inclusive workforce.

People with disabilities have a global need for access to information, employment, artistic expression and control of their image. Furthermore, the need extends beyond people with disabilities. The disability community is a grossly underutilized source of market-share for companies, making a win-win solution for individuals, society, and business.

People with disabilities welcome you to the world of , a television channel of, by, and for people with disabilities…and everyone else! We invite you to learn more about our business and our stories.


Howard Renensland
President & Founder


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